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Tschock Tschock

Coventry is flooded with stark, honest and brutal landscapes. Not to be confused with the nasty definition of brutal, as so many believe, but in the raw, hard spaces and architecture that reign supreme.

In our opinion this brutality should be celebrated, it’s a true reflection of us, those who call themselves Coventrians. We, in our nature are somewhat brutal in our approach and unforgiving at best. So, when we stumbled over the highly inspiring and celebratory Tschock Tschock we were suitably excited by her approach to our environment.

Capturing the grit of cities such as Coventry, Tschock Tschock paints a canvas that mirrors the truth of urban life. From grim and grub to unforgiving lines and faded glories. Each image focuses on the detail and our homage to concrete, the brutalist of materials. A series of posts capture the rise of our landscape, framed by the natural beauty of cyan skies.

Stepping away reveals an anal focus on detail, without losing the sense of spacial awareness. Subjects are recognisable although not in complete context, this is the work of the proud Coventrian, one like us, who wishes we celebrated our city for what it truly is and not what ‘they‘ wish it to be.

Featured image © Tschock Tschock. Follow on Instagram.