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Through the Lens

As persistent explorers we are continually excited about what we may uncover. From innovative projects to unbelievably talented individuals. Coventry is home to some of the most exciting and engaging creative works we’ve seen on a national scale. So, when we discovered Through The Lens (TTL), a collaboration of photography from third year students at Henley College we were instantly captivated.

As part of the students Final Major Project, they ran an exhibition at the The Tin Arts, Coventry Canal Basin. It’s sadly finished now but alive and kicking online. Artists including Jess Fitzgerlad, Hanna Blaney and Dominika Bozkiewicz capture a range of subjects, all focusing on the urban reality of city-life. Their naked, brutal honesty is clear and some cases haunting. Each one of the 14 participants define a world we understand but so regularly ignore.

Through The Lens is a fascinating insight to a photographers mind and celebrates the abundance of raw potential found in so many of our cities youth.

Visit the TTL website for all participants and their work.