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Thomas Amico Padula

Photography, like most creative disciplines, is very subjective. What we find magnetic may be deemed irrelevant by many. However, every so often a collection of work lands on our laps that we cannot ignore. Something so solid, captivating and emotive that it draws you closer, taking you deeper and deeper. Before you know it, it’s dropped your jaw like only Tyson could.

So, when Thomas Amico Padula flew a speculative note our way we sat up and took a look. His Instagram profile is littered with beautiful portraits, and we mean beautiful. As non-photographers it’s difficult to express what ‘beautiful’ is. The depth of colour is immeasurable, a clarity rains supreme and those compositions are simply insane. This is something we imagine comes naturally, this cannot be taught. Yes, education is great but techniques are not the same as natural ability. That cannot be handed down.

References to Coventry hide subtly in the background. The people (and dogs) of the city are his primary focus and he mirrors the nature of normality perfectly. Truly stunning. However, when we dug deeper and clicked further in to the dirty world wide web we discovered a collection that raised the bar. It took us higher than we’d been before. Howard Marks would’ve been jealous of how high we were getting.

Sat within his website (click the button!) was a collection entitled EDL Demo, Coventry 2016. A gallery that documented a protest held by the English Defence League. This is photography at it’s most spectacular. Giving us, as viewers, an insiders perspective. Each image reflects the movements tribal nature. Tension and aggression are common place. Identities are hidden whilst flags are flaunted and symbolic visuals convey the agenda of the EDL and its members.

Like the majority, we removed ourselves from occasions like this but thanks to camera weilding geniuses such as Thomas, we are able to reconstruct from the comfort of saver shores. Without their determination to document we’d continually speculate the worlds we don’t frequent. Without their passion, pride and creative DNA we and our world would lack the clarity that makes it awesome.