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Cieran Muldoon Photography Coventry

The personality of people and space

Nothing fascinates us more than people. The continual passing of individuals, who all have a tale to tell although their audience, in their modernity, are far to busy to care. These people paint the canvas of our city. Their stories are the fabric of our future. The issues they face, the success they generate, the love they build and the love they lose. The biography of urban residents is riddled with challenging chapters.

So, when our navigation directed us towards Cieran Muldoon we stumbled upon a mecca of creative ability and life-altering experiences. His ‘fly-on-the-wall’ approach transports us, the viewer, to private spaces that are primarily ‘Out of Bounds’. These environments are that of his subjects. Individuals who maintain the norm of social life, those who publicly represent regular traits. A facade that’s morally accepted and welcomed although deeper, darker characteristics haunt within.

Cieran’s work features spaces that encapsulate such stories. Visual auto-biographies that reflect traumatic, disruptive lifestyles. Tormented minds with complicated personalities, stories of soul breaking drug abuse, loneliness and disorder. The occupation of vulnerability, an empty future accompanied only by the irregular warmth of regret. One that will inevitably end an initially fearless youth, a blooming future blackened by fate.

Whatever the end result, these images mirror the vulnerability of people. Environments littered with paranoia, fear and loathing. Spaces that hide behind closed doors. Doors that conceal an increasingly disenfranchised population.