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Peter Jackson

Urban life is both beautiful and grim. It’s a complex mash of heritage and modernity. The changing landscape is primarily driven by greed, our natural assets are frequently neglected and increasingly replaced by pre-fabricated drivel. So, when you’ve finished building your Billy Bookcase take five to discover something new.

Peter Jackson is a local photographer. His work mirrors city-life. His approach, in our eyes, is beautiful. The brutal nakedness of his subjects is captivating. He captures a city we know intimately but frequently makes us question our knowledge. Contemporary life see’s us detach ourselves from our environment. The ride from A to B is hyper-critical in our search for prosperity. This journey leads us to loose our spacial awareness and abandon the multi-layered, culturally rich history Coventry holds.

Peter gives us the opportunity to explore. He provides a detailed analysis of a city that’s been built over decades. His work is honest, reflective and purposeful. He depicts a city which is evolving whilst nodding to it’s past respectfully.

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