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Lloyd Woolcock

We began Native in June and launched our online forum just three days a go but in that time we’ve been ever so lucky to connect with a huge array of very clever individuals. At times, we mull over our repetitive nature when it comes to hailing local creativity but we do truly believe that you are all incredibly talented. Throughout our infancy we’ve been drawn to the deep pool of sensationally talented photographers. Possibly it’s because we can connect with the subject, perfectly executed or not. Maybe it’s the Instagram culture and disposable attitude of modern society. We simply crave beautifully considered imagery that fights the tide of tripe that continually showers social media.

This seems like a good time to introduce Lloyd Woolcock. A photographer who is doing just that. Lloyd’s work is both emotional and thought-provoking. His use of mono production provides a stark reality to his subjects which are primarily city landscapes. Although there’s one thing that especially captivates our vision – his impressive eye for detail. Above is a small selection that we feel encapsulates exactly that.

From unforgiving architectural structures to the nuances of nature, Woolcock finds a perspective that we doubt many other photographers could. He challenges his audiences by immaculately using spacial awareness and exploiting surfaces to audacious effect. We cannot express more clearly the impressive abundance of photography talent our city contains. We cannot understand why these talents have not been exposed to a public that deserves to be enriched by their ability.

View Lloyd’s Instagram feed for his latest work.