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Hayden Porter

We, as viewers, search for creativity that’s boundless. Individuals who deliver the ‘extraordinary’, those visionaries who see what no-one else does. Artists who are disciples to their craft, those who live for that once in a lifetime moment. Exceptionally dedicated, trivially anal and beautifully driven.

So, when the atmospheric wonderland of Hayden Porter, a student of Coventry University landed within our Instagram feed we turned skywards and fired a sharpe “Hallelujah”. As a self-confessed ‘Niche Finder’ Hayden is testing his natural ability, searching for that career defining genre. However, this process is to the pleasure of our eyes. The range of creativity is wide and exciting. Igniting our affair with photography again and again.

From beautifully candid, city-styled portraits to global landscape, Hayden is obviously learning his trade but his focus is unbelievably accurate. His vision is exceptional, his tact is precise and his tone is heavenly. His feed is diverse and rich but one shot, the “Custard Arch” is mesmerising (above). The canvas is heavy in texture, deep with shade, governed by the menace of its skyline. This is one of the finest representations of urban-culture we’ve witnessed.

Yes, Hayden has a lot to learn. He has much to discover and a practices to follow but a natural ability that if harnessed and encouraged will certainly lead to success.

To see more of Hayden Porters works visit his Instagram feed here.