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Katie Bywater Coventry

Katie Bywater

Visualising a landscape you know so intimately can be difficult. The same lines, curves, tones and textures appear. The rat race migration of private and professional life we participate in daily, ignores the changing faces of people and places. So, when we discovered Katie Bywater, we stopped, admired and reflected.

We love our city although we feel it’s incorrectly represented. Its beauty lies within it’s brutality. Its unforgiving architecture and its regardless respect for subtlety. It’s a melting pot of cultures, religions and harsh realities. Katie Bywater captures this but instead of simply reflecting its basic, stark nature she catapults its manmade spine to heights we’ve not witnessed before.

Extraordinary hues lie over deep, grey outlines. Outlines we understand as they are the canvas to every Coventrians biopic. The brutally dirty, urban landscapes shout angrily “This is Coventry”. A city with a narrative which is weaved across a tapestry rich in diversity. Katie Bywater captures something new, something we’ve never seen before. She is a new creative force that’s representing our city with honesty, an approach sorely missed in so many.

View more of Katie’s work on Instagram by viewing her profile here.