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Gabrielle Fulton

Our search for incredible photographers from Coventry is an endless process. One that continually reaps countless reward and today is no different. Our radar has shifted and is firmly fixed on Gabrielle Fulton, a young creative who flits between our city and Durham. This camera solider has us mesmerised by her soft, delicate approach. Her visual commentary on social portraits is not only reflective of our current environment but beautifully managed. The harsh realities and stark nature of our planet are mirrored exceptionally but the tones within protect the viewer from the worlds cold exterior.

Her projects to date include Floribus, a bright, vivid celebration of floral art to Rural Life in the North East, which captures the nature of northern England but it’s Gabrielle’s My Wilderness (pictured) that hooked us. This series reflects the beauty of mother nature. The autumnal tones of wild England filter through but the addition of modern fabrics and man-made items provide a juxtaposition that challenges the sympathetic environments. A series that’s truly unique, one that’s both engaging and inviting but some what difficult to comprehend.

Gabrielle Fulton is a gifted artists but she provides more than images to admire, she delivers questions that offer her work depth that goes beyond being truly exceptional with a camera. She challenges common associations and holds us, as viewers, for longer than we’ve ever been held.

Visit Gabrielle Fultons website for more photography.