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Jack Holland Bartlett Coventry

From the Ruins

Coventry is a breathing organ. It echoes urban living and is designed by time. Pockets of culture and society are knitted, weaved by the fabric of life. Layers of change driven by ideology litter our landscapes, they come and they create undefined spaces. A utilitarian ethos that rules the mainstream.

This vision is what we deal with daily but it’s the people that remain. Victims of authority driven mediocrity. These victims are not the majority, they pass us daily but with this comes a normality, it’s just how our city is. So, when we came across Jack Holland Bartlett, we euphorically rose and saluted photography that seized the resignation of a population who crave more.

Jack is just 19, although his work is daring, challenging and epic. He reflects a talent years beyond his tender age. He seeks new angles, his subtlety is without question. His dialogue is without words, it’s driven by a vision that’s truly insane and one that should be celebrated. Jack’s latest series ‘From the Ruins’ features on his Flickr profile and is led by the following introduction.

“Coventry is a city of reconciliation. The city was bombed during the air raid strikes of WWII, with the axis targeting the munitions and vehicle factories, and the cathedral; the cultural heart of the city. Despite the damage caused, the city’s strong sense of community was what helped the city to push past the difficult times, and restore a sense of hope.

However, it’s now the 21st century, and the city is undergoing drastic change once again; with the industrial relevance of the city rapidly fading, the university expanding at an alarming rate, and technology altering the way we connect with one another, the culture and society of the city is being heavily affected. Combined with this, the harsh political times, especially for the working class, is creating more of a separation amongst the people than we can comprehend.

The purpose of ‘From the Ruins’ is to explore the culture of my city, to find, for myself, its soul, which is buried beneath the ruins, not just the ruins of the cathedral from 1940, but the contemporary ruins of civilisation that we’re amongst every day.”

We are captivated by Jack’s incredible vision. We will be collaborating and commissioning him to work alongside us to capture unique projects from within Coventry but don’t worry, you can view Jack’s latest work and on-going series ‘From the Ruins’ here.