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From east to west with love

From East to West with Love

The topic of immigration is one that fuels a million fires. It’s place as the strongest argument for many to entertain and pledge their support towards Brexit reflect the subjects depth. Although whether your opinion welcomes or refuses the presence of our distant brothers, it’s a discussion that must take place.

So, when we heard of Emilia Moniszko and Rob Hamps international curatorial project, From East to West with Love we were extremely excited. Taking place throughout September and October in Coventry and emerging from a growing cultural sector response to Eastern and Central European Migrations.

Project outline
The project aims to discover the implications for cultural policy, particularly in cities like ours. From East to West with Love is a platform of events, exhibitions, discussion groups, film screenings plus an open forum. Hosted at the Glass Box Gallery, Emilia and Rob aim to create an intersection of East and West, where audiences can experience and engage with the realities, both current and potential.

Special guest
From East to West with Love welcomes one of Poland’s most radical and subversive artists, Pawel Hajencel. His public interventions cause national debate as well as global discussions across all media platforms. In his performances he comments on political, religious and social affairs. On 28th September he will deliver a performance titled Patriotism for Sale at the Glass Box Gallery. This will respond to the attitude of Poles and other migrants working and living within the UK.

The project has received a small arts grant from Coventry University, however, in order to progress the project further and to delivery it’s full potential they are searching for funding via Indiegogo. There campaign profile can be viewed here. If you’d like to watch the groups latest vlog check out their YouTube video here.