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Christopher Michael

Since beginning our journey in to discovering and showcasing the vast range of talents Coventry holds we’ve been amazed at the depth of photographers we breed. From fellow Coventrians such as Lloyd Woolcock who focus on city life to Adele Reed we captures something we find almost impossible to describe.

Our latest discovery via Instagram is Christopher Michael. A 21 year old student who dropped our jaw like a heavyweight champion. His work ranges from portraits to landscapes. Whatever the subject he elevates everyday objects to new heights. His soft approach, almost cloud like, teases the eye. Relaxing the brain, transfixing audiences, sending them to happier places.

If you get chance in your manic life to take five then do look at Christopher’s portfolio. It’s building, like any young artists does, if this is the start we can only imagine the middle and end. Here is a true icon waiting to develop.

View more of Christopher Michael’s work at his Tumblr portfolio site online.