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Charlotte Gresty Coventry

Charlotte Gresty

The cultural underbelly of Coventry is layered with exceptional photographers. They are capturing environments in ways we never knew existed. The aim is to seize the perfect moment, the shoot that will ease their desire to create visual poetry. Their tools are merely an extension of their minds, finding frame after frame of exceptional beauty.

So, when we came across Charlotte Gresty we knew we’d hit the jackpot. The true genius of her work is it’s simplicity. The confidence she showers us in is awe-inspiring. The stark context of her work is magnified via it’s nakedness. Beautifully composed visuals contain daily objects, ones that are respected and reflected via glorious artistry. The brutal nature of her subjects are what catapults her work to heavenly heights.

Basic landscapes of city structures that are so familiar are given new direction. Charlotte offers a fresh, contemporary vision of what’s been documented time and time again. The rich, muted palette provides the mind with pleasure, everything a respectful admirer craves. This is a satisfaction that can only be provided by the exceptionally gifted of our city. A creative that delivers wonderment one slide at a time.

The quality of her work must be housed within the new breed of indie zines. Those craft-inspired publications, finished exquisitely on the finest of new-wave materials. Owned by a readership that respects it’s honesty. If there’s one thing you do Charlotte, make sure you never put the camera down.

To view more of Charlotte Gresty’s work visit her Instagram feed here.