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Adele Reed Photography

Adele Reed

It’s not very often that we are lost for words and left truly open mouthed at what we discover but this weekend saw us just that. One of the wonders of social media is it’s ability to fling new sources of inspiration in to your lap. One such individual was flung our way and boy are we glad she was. Adele M Reed is a photographer who uses techniques to highlight, maintain, introduce and restore beauty in things which happen throughout day-to-day life.

Adele’s uses “Autobiographical documentation, analogue methodology, soundscapes, music, surrealism and socio-political themes” to depict her subjects. From incredible shots of Coventry to a series called ‘Anonymous‘, Reed’s approach is raw, honest and captivating. One of the finest creative styles we’ve be lucky enough to stumble across in years of searching. We will be following her work avidly and championing one of our own. The pursuit of perfect is an almost endless and tireless task. Moments of discovery, such as this, are rare but oh so rewarding.

The words we divulge are redundant as there aren’t any superlatives that justify Adele’s insane ability with a camera. If you only have a few minutes spare today please visit Adele’s website. It’s home to hundreds of beautiful pieces.