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Review: Creative Lab Records recent releases

Our latest trip to the ever changing landscape of Fargo Village was for the release of Gunther Prague’s Album “Wax Mask” and Futumche’s “Gazing Into Misery”. Hosted by Creature Lab Records it promised to be a night of earth shattering alternative music and it didn’t disappoint.

Firstly what better place to host this than Fargo. An environment purposely built for creative expression and what we got wasn’t just a standard gig but a multimedia experience.

Two screens flanked the stage, projecting images ranging from found footage and art-led videos to live shots of the crowd. This visual parade combined with the acoustics in the Box (where the gig was held) were truly spectacular. It allowed the music to echo. It felt like the tracks were swirling throughout the large square structure turning it in to a sonic, chipboard paradise.

Television Screens kicked off proceedings with a tidal wave of psychedelic noise. It was paired with rolling footage of the atomic bomb, a tripped up soundtrack to the forthcoming nuclear apocalypse, it would be a very worthy note to go out on. I’ve seen Television Screens countless times this year and they seem to get better and more experimental each time.

Then things got loud! Very loud.

The head banging was in full force as Futumche almost brought the walls crashing in on themselves. With a set that would perfectly flow from ferocious punk to the more methodical and sinister tracks including “Gazing”.  This show was a full on experience, it took us high and low whilst being fast and slow. The crowd was forced into submission and every single one of us loved it.

It was now time for dinosaur mascots to come out and for Gunther Prague to take to the stage.

They brought with them even more noise and a relentless repertoire of alternative bangers to work through. A collection of songs old, new and some that are so new that they aren’t even on the album that was being released at the gig.

It’s amazing to think how much music these guys write. Although I’m chuffed to hear (literally) that the tank is fully loaded.

There was limited time for audience interaction but they didn’t care because that’s not what they turned up for and what we got instead was more great music than you could shake a stick at. By the end of the night it was safe to say I’d seen my favourite gig of the year and it will take some beating.

Go check out both releases now and keep an eye on Creature Lab Records Facebook for videos of the night coming in the near future.

Written and photographed for Native by Tom Godwin.

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