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Bones by The Darling Crew

The online bio states: A year in the making, a decade in the dreaming. The Bones is the first musical offering from Warwickshire two piece The Darling Crew.

The two songs that have been recorded and released explore a surreal pop landscape and it quickly signals the intent of the Darling Crew.

Single The Midlands Rain leads the way. Blending quirky and almost rocky guitar riffs with its more psychedelic tones and chimes whilst the ethereal vocals echo over it all.

On the verses the vocals and guitar operate in tandem with one another flowing to the same rhythm and intertwining with each other to lead you through. The whole song creates an engulfing surreal dreamscape that thuds along at an intentionally slightly awkward pace always keeping you off kilter and hooked.

This is complimented by second track Chocolate. A pop-affair full of hooky vocals and keys that effortlessly flow to an R’n’B styled beat. For me the icing on this beautifully constructed cake is perfectly styled, Salvador Dali-led artwork. It perfectly fits the mood of the music and provides more than the DIY effect so many new artists accept. There’s no ‘That’ll do’ here.

The Bones is a great introduction into the weird and wonderful world that showcases the unique style of two musicians that are inspired by a a huge range of curiosities. This allows them to form their own creation, one that’s both exciting, inspiring and damn good to listen to.

We can’t wait to see what’s next.