Arcane Roots reach Birmingham as part of their UK tour

On Tuesday night I was asked to cover Arcane Roots at the brilliant 02 Institute, Birmingham. This is a venue I know well, I’ve covered a number of assignments there before and knowing that my latest shoot was in room two added to the excitement.

My previous shoots at the Institute have covered a range of acts and musical genres. All have held their own unique brilliance but it’s the melting pot of ecstatic, tipsy gig-goers and raw, enigmatic bands that have fortunately provided me with a fantastic list of experiences that last long in the memory.



Tonight’s headliners, Arcane Roots are supported by The Hyena Kill and Grumble Bee. The latter taking to the stage first, immediately ripping in to a heavy rock influenced bag of tracks. Room two begins to sway as the energetic wall of noise floods over them. Hard drums, thick riffs and attitude filled lyrics pound the Institute.

Next up is Grumble Bee who hails from Walsden, North West England. This solo artist is currently supporting Arcane Roots with a touring band and after previously releasing two EP’s, which are all written and recorded by himself, he aims to push the stereotype of what is expected from a band or artist.

Grumble Bee’s performance crosses the line between rock and metal with heavy riffs and surprisingly delicate vocals. His touring band is powerful and very accomplished, a knowledgeable crowd acknowledge this and respect what’s happening before them.



Lastly, Arcane Roots appear on stage with much anticipation. They are a three-piece, alternative/progressive rock band from Kingston Upon Thames, England. Founded by guitarist and vocalist Andrew Groves they immediately create an atmosphere of mystery as they play between the shadows.

Their tone is littered with highs and lows, holding an ambient nature that’s both captivating and inspiring. They drop atmospheric tracks that hold an essence of Mogwai mixed with The Maccabees whilst modern, electrionic notes hint at soulful influences. The stage lighting looks beautiful and carefully considered although it poses challenges for me as a photographer although as a fan it’s magnificent.

Written and shot by Ruby Nixon. Ruby will be collaborating and contributing to Native throughout 2018 and she is available for commercial and personal commissions.