Mr & Mrs Native: Life Racks

It’s the small things in life that can either lift your day or simply piss you off. No, I’m not going to rant about life changing stuff – I’m going to share with you the day to day things that grate the hell out of me.

Do you hate it when someone pushes in front of you in a queue, when a driver doesn’t thank you for letting them past or when people don’t listen to you? Here are my three, big, fat annoyances and I’d love to know whether you agree, disagree or whether you think I need anger management classes!

Give me your comments and tell me what really gets under your skin…

When someone pushes in and you’ve been waiting at the bar for ages.

How annoying is it when you’re out on a Saturday night, having a laugh and you’re desperate for a crisp, cold, alcoholic beverage? You clamber through the vast array of bodies to reach the bar and realise it’s three people deep. It’s all about seeking a spot where you can slide in and just wait patiently to be served. To add salt the wounds you can often find the person in front is ordering a round of drinks to quench the thirst of a 20-strong stag party, making you wish you’d picked a different spot.

Anyway… You’ve got to the front and you’re waiting with anticipation, trying to catch the eye of the bar staff, visibly holding your tenner to show you are ready for action. You’re not (at this point) pissed so you can see the peeps who have been waiting for ages and who has squeezed to the front only moments before. It feels like a competition – who will win the prize of getting their drinks first? You lean forwards, see the guy being served before you who had been waiting longer – you know it’s your turn…it’s time…


The dude who literally just pushed in gets served first. JEEZ – I feel anger and frustration rising through my body, I really do! It’s nothing in the great scheme of life but man, it irritates the shit out of me. Unfortunately, when annoyed, I have no filter so I tap him on the arm and say, “hold on mate, I was first.” His answer either relieves my displeasure or leaves me seething. “Sorry love, I didn’t realise” – no worries mate, anxiety dies down, he smiles, I smile back. Life isn’t so bad. But sometimes you just get a stare and a snide remark. Literally fuming. This guy is on my hitlist.

When you wait to let a car go and they don’t say thanks.

How many of us sit behind a line of parked cars on a busy street to allow another car to drive past? We could have pulled out, we could have forced them to stop but no, we are kind people and we chose to wait. In fact, we can see there is a line of cars coming towards us so we know we’re going to be sat there for a short period of time. It’s a toss-up as to whether these drivers will show manners and appreciation or whether they will ignorantly stare ahead and pretend your extension of pleasantry is worth nothing.

The first car goes past and flicks his hand up to say thanks. This lifts my mood and I think ‘what a nice guy!’ The second car goes by and she flashes her head lights to say ‘cheers’. My thoughts are ‘what a nice lady.’ The third car zooms by, clearly speeding and the youngster just blanks me. Annoyance arises. In a flash my body fills with anger, ‘how dare he?’, ‘what a rude bastard!’, and yes, I’m afraid I’m ‘that guy’, who flicks up their middle finger and shouts abuse, even though it’s evident the prat has driven past and can’t hear or see any of my reactions. I don’t want to admit I have road rage but my snap judgement when dealing with dick head drivers is probably not the best!

When it’s clear someone isn’t listening to you when you’ve got a very important point to make.

Who gets racked off when they’re trying to tell someone something and it is imperative that person listens? This could happen with your partner, family, friend or work colleague. I think we can agree our reactions differ to whoever the non-listening, nerve testing person is. With a work colleague, you have to show a level of professionalism that forces you to swallow what you really want to say, which is ‘FFS, LISTEN TO ME’. I recently had to deal with someone I actually felt like launching – he asked me for work-related advice and every time I gave him my qualified thoughts he just responded with how he would deal with the situation.

My internal reaction screamed, ‘why the hell are you asking me then? I have a life and don’t have time for this!’ I think the real blow out comes with partners and family where your close relationships enable you to really lose your shit. Who has ever had a row with their boyfriend/girlfriend and your trying to make them see why you’re upset? Oh my days, the frustration when they won’t make eye contact, talk over you, bring up irrelevant shit and the worst for me…when you can see their brain whirring, mouth moving and they’re all ready to respond without listening to the end of your sentence. Man…conversation is about one person talking, the other person listening and then formulating their answer in specific response to your words.
And breathe.

You know what? It’s pretty cathartic to rant out my pet hates. I’ll look forward to hearing yours…


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