We a bringing the Doodle Project to the MotoFest

Earlier this year (2017) we conceived the Doodle Project, a simple idea that’s grown beyond our original belief.

It started when we received a series of blank postcards from our printers. They’d simply forgot to do the one thing we’d ask of them… Print!

We were on the brink of ditching the lot before thinking that surely someone, somewhere would like to doodle on them. So, with that in mind we put a call out on social media and incredibly it went down well.

four re-prints and three thousand blank pieces of A6 card later we are now collaborating with the Coventry MotoFest to bring a very special live version of our project to a new audience. The MotoFest, which was dreamt up almost five years a go now attracts over one hundred thousand people to it’s two day celebration.

From classic cars to ring-road racing, this festival is quickly becoming the pinnacle of Coventry’s events calendar. Over a two day period next summer (2018) we will be hosting our biggest Doodle Project LIVE including workshops, seminars, collaborations and much more.

The projects aim is simple, to be the biggest and most inclusive arts project our city has even seen. No restrictions on age, ability or background. Just pick up a Doodle Pack and get expressive.

See you there Coventry, it’s going to go off!

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