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Introducing our most inclusive art project event, The Doodle Project

We have been truly blown away by the reaction to our initial Doodle Project concept. So much so, we’ve decided to make it bigger (and give it a logo) than we ever thought it would.

Phase 1 of asking you to doodle on our blank postcards has been insane.

Original artworks from you lot are coming back faster than we can send them out (drop us a DM if you want some). When we reach 250 pieces we are going to print the first Doodle Book and give all doodlers a copy as a thank you.

We have found the perfect venue for Doodle Live (all will be revealed soon). This event will bring together creative natives to enjoy a day of doodling on canvases of all shapes and sizes. We will also throw in some food, music, drink and social fun. It’s going to be a blast, trust us.

Now we want to hear from schools, charities and organisations across the city who would like to collectively submit. If you are part of a team that would like to theme their doodles or base them on the work you do or those you might support then let us know. All ideas welcome, theirs no boundaries to what’s possible. Let your minds go wild.

Finally we aim to exhibit all doodles to map our cities creative community. Early ideas are that this will be towards the end of the year when we discover the success of our Doodle Project before, hopefully, doing it all again in 2018.