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The triptic space art of photographer come designer Tom Godwin

Not only is Tom Godwin one of our regular gig-going music reviewers and fully signed-up, hardcore Native tribe member, he is also the creator of Sci-Fi inspired artwork, who knew?

Tom’s work fuses a natural interest in both photography and art. He combines singular shots found on his travels across the UK and Europe then through geometric graphical experimentation he crafts abstract artworks that are both mesmerising and incredibly well crafted. The dream like state we find ourselves see’s our conscious float across each canvas before diving in to areas of colour, shape and texture.

Tom’s natural eye for detail and willingness to experiment throughout the production process pays dividends. The Sci-Fi reference is justified if not somewhat non-traditionalist but who wants to soak up tradition when engaging in new art?

We cannot wait to see what comes next from the Sci-Fi maestro. If you’d like to see more take a look and pick up some of Tom’s work via his Etsy store here.