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Analogue art from Adam Wynn

In a world that’s crowded with digital content the shear thought of analogue art seems somewhat foreign.

Apple and their cohort’s Adobe have made creating, manipulating and publishing easier than ever. However, the output can commonly hide the simplicity of the process unlike Adam Wynn’s analogue work which is rich in complexity and a solid attention to detail.

Based in Birmingham, Adam is studying Graphic Communication at BCU. His creative past derives from Fine Art but his current approach allows his audience to create their own narrative. This challenging ethos questions the need to nullify people’s imagination by outlining everything the viewer see’s. A fresh and bold ideal that we find fascinating.

Adam also applies contrasting themes to his work. This can fuse genres such as retro and futuristic or love and war, this emotive method is continually developing and can take various guises.

His processes take many hours to complete, discovering base images from sources including the National Geographic Magazine for a series called Nao Geo and a collection of works formed from magazines including Stylist and Shortlist which can be seen here.

If you’d like to take a look at more of Adam’s work then visit his site here or follow on Instagram and Twitter.