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We grabbed a second with Post-Punk DIYers, Zkeletonz after their gig at Inspire

Post-punk and post-pop DIYers, Zkeletonz have had a year to remember.

After performing across London and the Midlands they joined us at Inspire Bar and Cafe (set in a medieval church spire) for our Electric Church Music series in September.

We caught up with the guys after the show and dug a little deeper in to their independent ethos.

Hey Zkeletonz, we have to begin with the name. How did that come about?
Zkeletonz for us means striving for a kind of awesome, inclusive perfection. There’s one inside you! Also, our rich bass arpeggiators shake the audience’s bones at our shows. Music should invite all potential listeners along for the ride, conceptually speaking. Not target certain demographic groups or psychological characteristics.

Can you give us a little background on the band. How you met, where you’re from and who you are influenced by?
We’re from the burial sites, deep down. There were earworm melodies in the wind above us. They sounded like the siren calls that nearly killed Odysseus. We’re immortal like vampires but friendly like pixies and sprites. We followed the sound, then gravitated together by karmic destiny.

You’ve just played at our Electric Church Music sessions in Inspire. How was it playing in such an intimate and historic venue?
Wonderful, thank you. We’d like to thank the sound engineer. Sound engineers are unsung heroes. And the venue owner, bar staff and lovely people who came to share the music with us. Psychedelic artwork is also a big part of what we do, and it was a unique and beautiful setting for us to project in as well as perform.

Can you give us a feeling for your new single, Don’t Cover It Up, which is due out on October 31st?
It’s about never hiding your personality, being yourself, staying proud. The bassline rumbles pleasantly, the ivories tinkle, and the drums punch. If it’s not stuck in your head for at least 36 hours, we’ll refund you half a penny from the Spotify stream. Write to us at any graveyard, 2nd class.

Do you guys write and record your music collectively?
Yes. 100% dream work.

You recently covered Leamington’s own Femme, do you guys know each other?
Ed in our band knows her from waaaaaaaaay back, personally and musically. We went to see her live at Moth Club in London. Then she sent us her album. We originally considered remixing a short skit we liked the most but it was 90 seconds long! So we went for the closing track. Very poignant. Too many remixers glory hunt the singles and openers.

We recently read that celebrity fans include rugby beefcake Josh Bassett, how did that come about?
He’s into the love songs we play because he has a beautiful girlfriend and they recently celebrated the birth of their first child. Our music also comforted him during Wasps’ move to the Ricoh (a stressful time). We’re still waiting for a gig in the Fan Zone. The house band there is called the Feckless Ruckers. Maybe we don’t ruck fecklessly enough?

You’ve been busy ripping it up across London’s festival scene this year. What’s been the highlight of your summer?
The main highlight was probably starting our Postpop radio show 4 months ago or celebrating the 10th episode last week. It’s every Wednesday on Boogaloo Radio, and the Boogaloo is just a cool pub where we hang out. But some of the other presenters get us kind of star-struck. Like Bernard Butler from Suede!

The lowlight of our summer was definitely the broken trouser press in our Coventry hotel. Our trousers were extremely creased the morning after our gig for you guys. We aren’t in the business of naming names but a trouser press was present in the room and had been advertised. Not cool.

You say that everything you do is independent and 100% DIY. Did you set out to follow this ethos or has it evolved over time?
It has evolved and become totally entrenched over time to be honest. We’ve always been lucky enough to have production skills on board thanks to Ed. Will is also a classically trained violinist and pianist. But Gav has no formal training in music, art or video.

As we have collaborated more and more, within the group and with others, it’s become obvious to us self-reliance is a must. We can’t recommend it enough. Control your own destiny. Get your hands dirty. Be proactive. Just do it. And use plenty of clichés!

What does 2018 have in store for Zkeletonz?
World domination, Midlands first.

For more you can follow Zkeletonz on YouTube here, Facebook here and Instagram here.

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