Xpsoure: Jake Bench

We are surrounded by instability and uncertainty. The world’s political landscape appears to be irreversible, terror threatens our daily existence and increasingly bitter Brexit negotiations don’t appear to be weakening.

Corporate media gobbles the publics nervousness, spewing their agenda driven rhetoric across a juggernaut of repetitive broadcasts. This is designed to do nothing more than sensationalise the pricks that want just that.

So, when we look for clarity we generally head towards photographic media. This silent form of creativity gives us solace in it’s beauty, allowing us to truly understand the matter at hand.

Coventry born creative, Jake Bench is a photographer that satisfies every single one of our emotional cravings. Having graduated (2015) from Plymouth College of Art with a BA in Film, his natural ability to capture the raw state of today’s society is simply beautiful. His work is littered with rich tones, deep layers and captivating movement.

Not all of Jake’s work is political or emotionally charged. He explores street photography including landscapes and portraits. Capturing ‘real-life’ scenarios and daily activities, everything is carefully constructed. From urban activities to cafe culture and the relentlessness nature of inner-city survival to sensational wildernesses. A joy to witness, absorb and enjoy.

Jake also practises videography, exploring and expressing himself by shooting narrative cinema and commercial documentaries. His says that his desire is to create work that provokes and questions his audiences. He believes this is the most engaging form of cinema.

We couldn’t agree more and we cannot wait to see what comes next. To see more of Jake’s photography and videography visit his website or Flickr profile.

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