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The modern and graphic domain of Birmingham designer Oliver Quarter

Have you ever felt paralysed because of something or someone? A feeling that stops you mid-flight, a sight so strong you become fixed to the very spot you saw it from.

Every now and then we get that feeling. The exhilaration when a new creative approach pops-up on your screen and grabs you round the collar before kicking you in the nuts. Metaphorically speaking of course. Well, we recently experienced exactly that and it was incredibly pleasurable.

It was dished out by Birmingham based graphic designer, Oliver Quarter. This dynamic creative is producing work that brings together iconic imagery with innovative thinking. He is re-purposing iconic brands such as Rover but replacing the manufacturers title with Raver whilst maintaining all other elements within companies identity. A smart manipulation that’s become relatively common but rarely executed as perfectly.

Oliver’s artwork portfolio also contains a number of pop-art inspired canvases including the King of Rock N Roll (above). This eclectic canvas is littered with emotive references, it’s a piece we adore so much that we featured it on the cover of our first printed issue. It’s bright nature and bold tone project a sense of confidence within this young designer. It’s a piece that we believe would happily sit next to any of the great pop-art masters.

Oliver Quarter is a highly talented, independent creative twisting and challenging traditions. He is stomping on the status-quo and giving it two fingers to the elitist art-world but what’s more exciting is that he is a graphic designer that is forging his own path. He is creating work driven by integrity and swerving the obvious route so many graphic-led creatives take. This is a designer that has a bright future and will surely be commissioned by brands that seek innovation over tradition.

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You can view and download your copy here or find it in various partner destinations from Friday 16th February 2018.

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