Review: Fun Sponge debut EP Get Dominated

Fun Sponge, Noun (figuratively) someone who or something which soaks up all of the fun, taking the fun out of life. This is the exact opposite effect I got when chucking on Fun Sponge’s debut EP Get Dominated. Instead I was met with a raucous explosion of fuzzy grunge rock, kicking life back into my grey, miserable Monday.

The Coventry two pieces debut EP comprises of four tracks that deliver a combination of raw, aggressive guitar and drums with some brash, no nonsense to the point lyrics. These words are snarled and screamed over the top to tell personal tales of imperfect human beings stumbling through life. Such as tales of ill-fated Christmas Eves spent drunk, crawling about to shit indie bangers on the aptly named Jagerbomb an Orphanage.

The four songs on Get Dominated present rock music striped back to its basic primal instinct. There are melodic and chaotic noises that are mixed with pure emotion and intent. Just the way I like my music.

Influences of bands like Drenge are clear to see but have been developed into a unique sound that stands on its own and is designed to grab you by the balls and dominate.

My favourite track on the EP has to be Dansk Girl. A mix of rambling fuzzy riffs and more intricate melodic ones before exploding into an aggressive and frustrated screaming outburst of insecurities. The soundtrack to all our lives.

Get Dominated is being released on the 18th of November with a launch gig down at Bachaus and if the live sound is anywhere near as intense as the record one it promises to be a full on, sweaty night. The EP is even available on cassette (a new revival on the way), so dig out that walkman and let your inner hipster free. You know you want to.

Written by Tom Godwin.

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