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When I meet you, I look at your sneakers first

Sneakers, trainers or their new modern name of crepes historically have been associated with working out or some form of sporting activity. However sport has moved aside and trainers are very much a fashion item now along with being a valuable commodity.

The sporting footwear of years gone by were originally the plimsoll, which were a favourite of runners and tennis players. However it was at the turn of the 20th century and in a fast paced industrial America where rubber soled sports shoes became a thing and would take off. Likewise Adolf ‘Adi’ Dasslers was at the forefront of sports footwear in Europe and had tremendous success before the outbreak of war and even greater success when peace and unity had spread across Europe and the world.

It could be said that it is brands like Nike who have pushed the boundaries in sport shoe technology, produced global appeal marketing campaigns, being the catalyst in the trainer market and partly responsible for where it is today. Consequently throughout the late 80s and 90s the era known as the ‘trainer wars years’ the major brands continued to innovate and the trainer scene started to become a thing and has help shape the culture to where it’s at today.

Sneakers have also become a focal point of a new age culture of bringing people together to make friends and new relationships. For some it has also brought a new era of entrepreneurship with people investing in hype sneakers and then reselling them in order to make a living.

So whether you are a Nike or Adidas, Reebok or Fila type of person there is a trainer to match your personality and style.

2017 Summer Trainer Game
This summer’s trainer game is going to be stronger than ever with some classics in there but also new blood. We will quickly highlight 6 different styles that will be definitely making statements this summer.

Adidas Ultra Boost
Adidas have somewhat played a game of catch up in regards to fashion sneakers however they have had a massive come back with the Adidas Ultra Boost. This shoe features Adidas patented Boost technology and provides a level of comfort that can only be compared to walking on clouds. Also with the shoe featuring Adidas’ primeknit material the show itself is a sock shoe meaning that it doesn’t have a traditional ‘trainer build’ but still provides lots a support and flexibility. With the Ultra Boost now into its fourth generation comfort and style are at its highest with this shoe.

Nike Vapor Max
The Nike Vapor Max are Nike’s lightest and most flexible trainer to date. The trainer itself features Nike’s flyknit material along with the flywire technology. The vapour max almost gives off some Shox vibes with the big air sole. However with a clean and lightweight atheistic the likes of Travis Scott and Tinie Tempah have been seen rocking the new age crepes.

Adidas NMD
The Adidas NMD is possibly Adidas’ most successful shoe in the last five years and so it should be with the different colouways and iterations for both men and women. The shoe itself features Adidas’ Boost material providing a good level of comfort. The shoe also goes with a number of different number of styles whether its going out with friends or working out at the gym.

Nike Air Max 95
Some say what is done should be left in the past but the Air Max 95 breaks this rule over and over again. This is a timeless classic and a modern day statement. Whatever version you wear or are going to buy you can be assured that you are wearing quality on your feet. These are a great summer shoe and are available in a number of colours for both men and women. More importantly if you are two stepping this summer then these are the pair of trainers you want to be feeling that beat too.

Adidas Clima Cool
Now for a modern classic… the Clima Cool. This trainer is back in a big way and a great summer shoe. Remember those days when you were a teen chilling out at the park in your new Clima Cools? Well those days aren’t lost even if you are a little older. Yes these were originally meant to be a pure workout shoe but became a fashion statement, especially when you’re at your mates for those summer bbq and beer sessions.

Adidas Iniki
Finally and by no means last the Adidas Inki. This shoe takes a classic Adidas silhouette and is modernised with the boost technology. So in short if a classic Adidas Dragon made shoe love to and NMD the outcome would be the Adidas Iniki. This shoe is arguably the best looking shoe of and with new versions being launched this summer this is a trainer not to miss out on.