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Native Magazine Warehouse Events

We are bringing new events and creative interpretations to our warehouse

You know when there’s loads of brilliant things to dive in to but after you feel slightly deflated but driven to do it your way. Well, that’s how we’ve been feeling recently. The world is full of creative interpretations and culturally exciting experiences but we’ve decided to strip it all back and present a series of events in a warehouse space we’ve recently acquired.

Our idea is simple really. To host a range of events covering all forms of creative arts. From invitation only parties featuring new musicians to speed networking (think speed dating) and a new regular event called Funk the System to annual seminars bringing together our creative communities.

We hope this space can become a destination for those who believe in creating better connections, industries and collaborations. If you’d like to know more follow our events on Facebook or keep up-to-date with everything we drop here in future.