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No laptops, sequencers or software. Soccer 96 will be at the Tin soon

Soccer96 are a duo from London, England, featuring Danalogue on synths and Betamax on drums. They play everything completely live, with no laptops, sequencers or software of any kind.

They create brutal, frenetic energy, tron-like soundscapes and super-fresh polyrhythms. Producer Rob White says their process is like a “distilled reduction meets epic intent.”

The self-titled debut album captures their incendiary aesthetic perfectly and was recorded live, to tape at Joe Watson’s (Stereolab) analogue studio with guidance from glitchy/noise producer Rob White, mixed by the band, Rob and Jack Eveleigh (Dam Funk/Neon Indian) and mastered by Kelly Hibbert (Flying Lotus).

For more information and tickets visit the Tin Music and Arts online.

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