Photography, like most creative disciplines, is very subjective. What we find magnetic may be deemed irrelevant by many. However, every so often a collection of work lands on our laps that we cannot ignore. Something so solid, captivating and emotive that it draws you closer, taking you deeper and deeper.

Herbert Art Gallery February 3 - June 4 During opening hours FREE Explore a centuries-old fascination with capturing our own image. Snapshots of ordinary people sit alongside Henry VIII, Marilyn Monroe, David Bowie and Princess Diana. Investigate why we make portraits and the hidden messages that they are trying to convey. Featuring paintings, photographs, sculptures and interactive activities. The National Portrait Gallery has generously supported

We, as viewers, search for creativity that's boundless. Individuals who deliver the 'extraordinary', those visionaries who see what no-one else does. Artists who are disciples to their craft, those who live for that once in a lifetime moment. Exceptionally dedicated, trivially anal and beautifully driven. So, when the atmospheric wonderland of

Our search for incredible photographers from Coventry is an endless process. One that continually reaps countless reward and today is no different. Our radar has shifted and is firmly fixed on Gabrielle Fulton, a young creative who flits between our city and Durham. This camera solider has us mesmerised by her soft,

Coventry is a breathing organ. It echoes urban living and is designed by time. Pockets of culture and society are knitted, weaved by the fabric of life. Layers of change driven by ideology litter our landscapes, they come and they create undefined spaces. A utilitarian ethos that rules the mainstream. This vision is

Coventry is flooded with stark, honest and brutal landscapes. Not to be confused with the nasty definition of brutal, as so many believe, but in the raw, hard spaces and architecture that reign supreme. In our opinion this brutality should be celebrated, it's a true reflection of us, those who call

The cultural underbelly of Coventry is layered with exceptional photographers. They are capturing environments in ways we never knew existed. The aim is to seize the perfect moment, the shoot that will ease their desire to create visual poetry. Their tools are merely an extension of their minds, finding frame after frame

Visualising a landscape you know so intimately can be difficult. The same lines, curves, tones and textures appear. The rat race migration of private and professional life we participate in daily, ignores the changing faces of people and places. So, when we discovered Katie Bywater, we stopped, admired and reflected. We

Creativity should inspire, challenge and draw debate. Projects that refuse to question these principals lose respect rapidly, culminating in mainstream landfill fit for burning. So, when we were introducing the Seeblunted (AKA Ashley Harvey-Smith) we were paralysed by his interpretation of the world that surrounds us. From brutal views on modern architecture to more

Since beginning our journey in to discovering and showcasing the vast range of talents Coventry holds we've been amazed at the depth of photographers we breed. From fellow Coventrians such as Lloyd Woolcock who focus on city life to Adele Reed we captures something we find almost impossible to describe. Our

We began Native in June and launched our online forum just three days a go but in that time we've been ever so lucky to connect with a huge array of very clever individuals. At times, we mull over our repetitive nature when it comes to hailing local creativity but we do truly believe

As persistent explorers we are continually excited about what we may uncover. From innovative projects to unbelievably talented individuals. Coventry is home to some of the most exciting and engaging creative works we've seen on a national scale. So, when we discovered Through The Lens (TTL), a collaboration of photography from

Urban life is both beautiful and grim. It's a complex mash of heritage and modernity. The changing landscape is primarily driven by greed, our natural assets are frequently neglected and increasingly replaced by pre-fabricated drivel. So, when you've finished building your Billy Bookcase take five to discover something new. Peter Jackson is a local photographer.