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Herbert Art Gallery Coventry

Review: Concrete Jewellery

Concrete Jewellery sounds perfect for the metrosexual male that the world has labeled me.

Concrete is officially a natural, solid, durable material whilst jewellery allows me to appeal to my softer feminine side. I also happen to be of the creative persuasion so this enhanced my curiosity of the connection between the two mediums.

It was by luck that I discovered this event was taking place, otherwise I would have missed the opportunity to learn a new creative process and technique. Thank you Twitter!

The class began with the introduction from Rhiannon Palmer and Roderick Vere. The pair are incredibly talented jewellers and as guests of the Herbert Art Gallery they were selected to inspire the small group I was part of. 

Our task was to create a pendant, or for the two guys, a paperweight. Now me being the metrosexual I obviously decided to chose the pendant and a paperweight.

Next we discussed the material and the properties and just how versatile it can be and how accessible it actually is. Time and imagination are the main tools you actually need. First was to make the moulds out of plastic. This is where you can be as creative as you want the shapes and designs you would like.

I have a graphic approach so kept things fairly clean and modern. I had an idea of what I wanted to create so I dived straight in cutting, slicing and sculpting my plastic mould. It was like being at art school which felt like a lifetime ago.

I was in creative heaven, mixing concrete, pouring, stirring, shaking and I didn’t even care that I spilt some on my clean white polo. Who wears white clothing to a concrete class? Well me, the metrosexual fashion dad.

It was great, the group of seven were all engaging and sharing their creations and we were given further information on how to look after and further decorate our creations. After the four day drying process… Yeah, four days!.. I can’t wait for four days. I’m just too excited to see the outcome of my creations.

The class was incredible and what I didn’t realise is that there multiple classes at the Herbert from jewellery to hat making, decorating to festive activities. If you haven’t tried it, I plead with you to give it a go.

I am already signed up for the hat making course. Such a great experience. The team at the Herbert put on a fantastic workshop and are always looking for more, who knew all this was on our doorstep?

Look out over the next few days for my designs to be picked up from all major retailers (ok that’s not true), but it’s not so much about the end product but the full experience, and from start to finish I was thoroughly inspired and will continue to tap into my metrosexual creative mind.

Concrete is not just for builders.

Written for Native by Cory Barrett. Find out more about what’s on the Herbert here.

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