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Mark A Webber

Mark A Webber’s experimental world of vibrant life drawing

We first came across Reading born Mark A Webber when exploring the beautiful world of linocutting. His typographic pieces stood out because they hinted at a graphic designer who was experimenting in new methods and processes.

Mark says: “I like working on large scale projects. This gives me a sense of peace, as I know what I have to do every day, and can work away on the thing at hand. I also like to come up with ideas, and see them though, not really worrying about how long they could potentially take, or what problems I might arrive at later.”

His lino work is testament to this approach. His larger pieces clocked in hundreds of hours worth of precise graft.

Soon after we began to dig a little deeper in to Mark’s work and it soon became apparent that we’d opened the book of a highly skilled and multi-disciplined creative. Mark’s website ( references global commissions, his own life drawing group ( and a catalogue of work that is truly inspiring. However, peeking through his back catalogue was a series of experimental works we discovered via his Instagram feed.

Great creatives are celebrated through their finished work. The dramatic conclusion of what could have been years of planning but for us we like to see the early stages. The planning, the sketches and the processes behind what makes someone do what they do. Mark’s @drawlingandlife feed gives us just that. He has opened up development via the most public of stages, social media. This window offers and insight in to where he is going both mentally and professionally.

This is one creative that we truly cannot wait to see more of. The future looks extremely exciting for Mark and his creative ambitions.

Keep up-to-date with Mark’s creative profile on Instagram.

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