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George Shaw

Art is a funny subject. Some love it whilst others immediately dismiss it. From the great masters who poured years in to each creation to contemporary guardians who shock, art divides everyone in some way or another. We believe art is an expression, like all forms of creativity. It provides a canvas to do what words can’t.

It offers individuals the opportunity to detail their world so when we discovered George Shaw we were instantly connected to his work because his iconic, naturalistic approach depicts the world we live in.

Shaw first attracted attention for painting areas of Tile Hill, Coventry. Although his subject was a specific, singular geographic plot his ability to communicate dark, dull, nondescript environments was incredible. He mirrored suburban life, encapsulating items such as bus shelters, garages and fields expertly.

Shaw favoured Humbrol enamel paints, commonly associated with Airfix models to create a sticky gloss which was contemporary to new wave art.

George Shaw is currently resident artists at the National Gallery, London and will soon end his two year stint at one of the world’s leading institutions.